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Bel Air Parks & Rec


Adult 18+ Coed Tuesdays.....Min. Intermediate w/Advanced Mixed

          Adult 18+ Coed Thursdays.... Min. Intermediate w/Advanced Mixed

          Both nights are Year-round....7:00-10:00 PM

          At McFaul Activity Center Gym


Chairperson:  Trina Smith...pksmitty5@gmail.com

                      Please contact Trina for instructions first.

Registration:           April of each year via www.belairrec.org

Fee:                       $30 year for 1 night  / $60 year for both nights...no pro-rates  

 Cancellations:         Pre-designated holiday closings...announced usually via email

Weather Policy:  We do NOT follow school closings. We DO follow Harford County GOVERNMENT closings.

NO BALL when MD Snow Emergency Plan is in effect. Chair will usually email by 4:30 pm any closing decisions.


IMPORTANT!!!!  Level of Play:  Both nights are for a MINIMUM of intermediate players.  Players should already possess vball skills WITH PRIOR PLAYING EXPERIENCE.  All players are expected to maintain control of the ball AND themselves, play positions correctly and have a positive team attitude on the court.  Safety for all players is a priority.  This program is not a beginner program, backyard style program or a teaching program.    BARC vball is a natural “step-up” program for players with a skill set desiring to grow.


BARC General Play Guidelines:

• Random 6 member teams with 1 rotator as necessary

• Bump, set, spike play - Strive for three hits consistently

• Middle front is setter, unless help is called

• Middle rear plays back after serve

• Players are responsible for calling illegal hits (prolonged contacts, doubles), net calls & breaking net plane

                        We play by the HONOR system, you do it, you call it.

• Forced doubles are allowed on 1st hits, hard serves or spikes, blatant doubles must be called

• Ceiling is playable unless ball crosses the net plane

• Return of serve must be bumped, hit OR set cleanly (call illegal hits)

• If there is a dispute, replays are the best policy

Remember!!!  Our goal is to achieve a consistent level of quality,

Competitive ball.  But, most of all, HAVE Fun!!!!