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BARC Travel Teams Fundraising Guidelines:

Youth sports travel programs associated with the Bel Air Recreation Committee (BARC) may conduct fundraising activities on an individual team basis based upon the following guidelines:

  1. Every single fundraiser must be approved before implementation by the BARC Board of Directors (BOD).
  2. Youth sports programs with travel teams that want to fundraise shall establish a program fundraising board to oversee fundraising activities within the program.  A fundraising board shall consist of the program chairperson, a travel commissioner or equivalent, and a financial oversight member, at a minimum.
  3. The fundraising board will be responsible for developing and implementing internal program management of all travel team fundraisers.  Policies and procedures for fundraising by program travel teams shall be documented and provided to the BARC BOD for reference.
  4. The maximum amount of funds raised by an individual team shall not exceed fifty percent (50%) of the team’s approved seasonal budget.  Team budget approvals are the responsibility of the program.
  5. All fundraising proceeds must be provided to the BARC Treasurer for deposit into program travel accounts.  Allocation of raised funds towards individual team budgets is the responsibility of the program chairperson.  Individual team financial accounts shall not be established.
  6. The BARC BOD will not maintain a pre-approved list of fundraising activities.  Every fundraiser must receive individual approval even if a similar activity has been approved in the past.
  7. All program travel team fundraising records shall be provided to the BARC Vice President of Finance and/or the BARC Finance Subcommittee for review upon request.  Discrepancies and or irregularities identified during a review must be clarified by the program chair and the fundraising board or a suspension of all program travel team fundraising activities will result.
  8. Fundraising that requires a permit and/or license are the responsibility of the travel program.  The program chairperson will be held accountable for any post-event reporting associated with permits/licenses that is delinquent.
  9. Fundraising requests that involve illegal gaming activities (e.g., sports betting pools, gambling, etc.) are not permitted.
  10. Corporate or private donations to individual teams is strictly prohibited.  Any donations must be deposited to the general program account for the good of the entire youth sport travel program.